The eReader Debate

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In the past, I have been a pretty vocal opponent of the eReader. I have preferred the heaviness, the smell, and the actual ability to turn the page.

Recently, I was speaking to my father about eReader and I said I didn’t think they would ever overtake printed books. I was very surprised when he told me I was wrong. He feels that buying physical books are bad for the environment and that if we moved to eBooks it would save money and space.

After this conversation, my husband bought me a Nook Color. I had played around with the initial Nook Wifi, but I didn’t like it. How can you have an electronic device for reading books without a light source? The Nook Color is much better. It features a full touch screen, apps, better sound than I would have imagined for a device of this type, a web browser, and you can read in the dark.

My current favorite thing about the Nook is that I can check out eBooks from my library! I can check them out, read them, and when the books are due they become unreadable and I can delete them. This makes me very happy because eBooks are not much cheaper than physical books in many cases despite the fact that the costs associated with making an eBook are much less.


Where has The Far Realm been and other updates.

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When we began The Far Realm the idea was the Cameron would write and that I would edit and handle the technical stuff. We both love the Science Fiction and Adventure genres and we thought it would be a cool thing for us to work on together.

As time went on, we got busy and we had a few disagreements. Cam felt that I was over editing and I felt that he was reading very similar books. I felt that he could benefit from branching out a bit. Instead of fighting it out or having a rational discussion like most people, we did what our family does best. We simply avoided the confrontation.

The time came where I needed to renew the domain. Cameron and I decided that since a grand total of zero updates had been done in over a year, we would let it go. Since we hosted the blog here, the content would remain and if we ever wanted to pick it back up again that would be easily accomplished.

Now that I have been home a while with my son and Jack is capable of hanging out and playing by himself, I find that I have a desire to read again. I’ve decided to start writing here again, but I imagine my book selection will be slightly different than Cameron’s. I hope you enjoy the changes.

Rynn’s World – Steven Parker

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Fucking epic.

When I saw the cover art for this book I about freaked out. It’s beautiful. The artists by the black library are (as usual) incredible. But would the book live up to it’s cover? …fuck yes.

As I read this book I felt a lot of emotions that I would not normally associate with a space marines novel. Due to unique events which happen during the course of the story, one minute I was thrilled, the next… utterly crushed.

They did leave an opening for a sequel, which after the last 50 pages or so I heartily look forward to.

My last word on the book? It is a really great representation of what would happen if an entire space marine chapter went to war. Buy it. Rynn's World (Warhammer 40,000)


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I started this book almost anxiously. Would Abnett capture the majesty and awe inspiring fire power of the imperial titan. In my opinion, yes and no.  I felt that Abnett’s take on the whole of the situation was correct, but I wish this book had been written by someone who had written  a space marine novel (William King, maybe?) I just felt that he delved more into the politics behind the Titans than the war around the Titans.

This book starts out with a beleaguered Mechanicus Forgeworld sending out a distress signal received by the Legio Invicta I am not gonna lie, finding out about the daily lives of the people who run a Titan was interesting, to say the least. All the necessary officers and diplomats(diplomats?! I know!) and how they function is bread and butter if you read in this fictional universe

This is not one of those WH40K for those of you who like the Imperium to win by a mile. Every inch  of this book is a hard, hard fight politically and physically. I won’t say this is a hard read because it’s not. I will say sometimes I felt that some of the story was unnecessary. Why can’t a book about the most powerful weapons in the Imperium be about the war those weapons fight ?

Not his best work but still a good read.

Biohell: A Combat – K Novel

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Cameron’s one line run down:

Fast paced action, gun toting zombies, and hilariously dark humor.

I was walking through a Borders, Looking for a new book to read when I came upon this title.
It had big white letters and a picture of two men shooting zombies on the front. I was intrigued, so I read the back. “The City: an entire planet teeming with corruption, guns, sex and designer drugs” …it had me right there.

The book opened with a chase scene, which I loved. Andy Remic could not have found an better way to get me interested. I can’t stand it when the first couple of chapters are boring! “Snare ‘em quick” I say.

The book is about a group of civilians who used to serve in an army group called Combat K . After leaving the army they are living peaceful lives when…  SOMEONE INVADES! So they go back into the army and the killing begins (they take one soldier’s horny zombie ogre girlfriend along with them… like I said “hilariously dark.”) I loved this book. It was fun and well written.

Definitely 2 thumbs up.


Welcome to The Far Realm

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This… is the inaugural article of The Far Realm. Woooooo! I still can’t believe I’m doing it.

I’ve started this website to provide commentary on all things Science Fiction. Movies and books generally, but also the far reaching aspects of this genre as a whole. It irks me that people don’t realize, just how much Sci-Fi impacts their daily lives. Who would have thought that Jules Verne would hit battery powered submarines on the nose ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY YEARS AGO! Or be completely correct about putting a man on the moon, to say nothing about around the world in 80 days.

The sheer imagination, of these people have fueled technological advance (at least in an abstract sense… probably more) for at least a century. Look at Roddenberry, who would have thought when he wrote Star Trek that in less then 25 years little communicator boxes would become a not only a mainstay of our country but a status symbol, I bet anytime now smart phones will have sensors in them that can read the pollutants in the air around them or at least have some kind of app that serves the same function.

For the people who are not convinced by this, let’s look at some hugely popular blockbuster movies of the past 25 years:

The dark knight, or any comic book movie – all Sci-Fi
The new Star Wars Trilogy – Sci-Fi
The Matrix Trilogy
The Lord of the Rings – Fantasy (but there’s a reason they sell in the same section of the bookstore, people.)
Jurassic park
A clockwork orange
Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind … or for that matter Truman.
Back to the Future.
District 9

I can keep giving you examples. So just do me a favor next time you go to the bookstore trying to get some self help book or one of those damn Chicken Soup books people keep giving me for Christmas (really people? … eat a dick) run by the Sci-Fi section and pick something out the Sci-Fi section you’ll be surprised

P.S. Steven King primarily writes Sci-Fi! Yeah, Watchtower was scary?!